Out of Gas: Most Americans Can’t Afford New Cars

A car isn’t a way to get from point A to point B, it’s freedom. The promise of an automobile goes beyond the thrill of the open road or being able to get a late-night pint of ice cream when you want. With a car, you’ve arrived. And with a car, you can always leave. Social mobility, a new life in a new town, used to be just a black ribbon of interstate away.

but that freedom is threatened as a new study finds in only 1 of the top 25 U.S. metro areas can median-income households afford an average-priced new car: D.C.

The couple that pays each other to put the kids to bed


Two game theory lovers get married.

I found and profiled this really cool Portland couple who have a unique twist on marital bliss. They pay each other to do the chores they don’t want to do.

They put their hands behind their back and think of how much they’d pay the other to do it. Then, at the same time, they show that number on their fingers. Whoever has the lowest bid does the job and gets paid their bid to do it.

After this story ran, Fox had them on and the story got picked up by GQ, and noticed on Digg and Hacker News.