How You Can Sue An Automaker In Small Claims Court And Win (my first feature for Jalopnik)

Got 2.5 hours sleep last night and banged out my first feature for Jalopnik, 2,600 words. I was working on this for next week because everyone thought the decision wasn’t going to come until then, but then the decision dropped last night and I needed to quickly ramp up so we could have a nice topical how-to this morning while the story was still part of the newscycle. I consumed 2 red bulls and a packet of gummy bears in making it happen. I regret nothing! Really awesome to work with the Jalopnik guys. Super collaborative, smart, fast and pro.

Yesterday, Heather Peters proved one woman can strike a blow against a major automaker when she succeeded in a landmark California case against Honda for making false claims about fuel economy.The key? Take them to small claims court. With her help, we’ve created this definitive step-by-step guide to how she, like a modern-day David, took on Goliath — and how you can too.

[Jalopnik] (illustration: Jason Torchinsky)

I also wrote a followup post for Jalopnik to show how Honda tried - and failed - to destroy Peters’ case.

(photo: Rich_Lem)