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How To Avoid A Scam

Reposting an article of mine from Reader’s Digest for posterity because the link is dead on their site. Photo: joelogon

How to Avoid A Scam

When times get tough, the cons get cagier. The latest scams, shams, and devious flimflams to avoid.

By Ben Popken - From Reader’s Digest December 5, 2008

The economic crisis has left many Americans deep in debt and looking for a deal-or a savior-to get them through tough times. But instead of a white knight, many are getting a shady scammer.

Inspired by the headlines, con artists slap new stories on old tricks, preying on the financial fears and desperation of hardworking citizens. After all, when you’re drowning, you’re interested in what the guy who claims to be selling life preservers has to say. Here, some of the newest and newsiest plays to avoid.

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