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Service so bad it made me write my first Yelp review

I was excited to try Awash, the new Ethiopian place in our hood with some out of town friends. Sadly, the place really shot itself in the foot with amateur waitstaff. It’s too bad, because their food is actually pretty good. The service was so sub any kind of standard that I wrote my first Yelp review ever:

You should read the “HELP WANTED” sign on the door as a warning label.

It took 45 minutes for our drinks to arrive, and we had to ask for them twice. So did the table next to us. Not that I mind a generous pour but when they handed me my wine and the cup was filled to the brim it was clear that our server, though a perfectly sweet person, was inexperienced.

Once the food arrived an hour after we sat down we were asked if we wanted to order more food, because though we had ordered the combo platter for four, they served us (someone else’s) platter for three. Not wanting to complicate things any further we demurred and just gobbled our food and got out of there.

I nearly always leave a 20% tip, 15% if service is substandard, but this was so bad I only left 10%. I wrote a note on the check apologizing for the miserly tip but explained some of the shortcomings we experienced that I felt forced me to do it. We had out of town guests with us and it was embarrassing to make them sit through such poor service.

That being said, we did enjoy the food itself and thought that the flavors were stronger and sharper than at the other nearby Ethiopian restaurant, Ghenet, so hopefully this place will get its act together before their amateur service drives them out of business.